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There are a variety of nursing programs available.  The most common that I have seen are the basic Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), RN to BSN, Second Degree Accelerated BSN, and the High School Placement Program.  The majority of schools perform a drug screen and background check prior to your entrance into their program.  All schools require that you are CPR (Basic Life Support) certified before starting as well.  Hopefully this will be an easier way to quickly compare and contrast you favorite schools! 

BSN: Your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is quite the accomplishment to complete!  It is predicted that at least 80% of all nurses will have their BSN by 2020.  Some of the schools admit you as a nursing major as freshman, but the majority admit you as a pre-nursing major with the expectation that you will apply to the BSN program after your sophomore year of school.  You can also apply to these programs as transfer students as long as you have your prerequisite classes and required general education classes completed. 

RN to BSN: The RN to BSN programs are generally set up to accommodate nursing that are working full-time wanting to take classes online. Many hospitals are requiring or will be requiring that all RNs have their BSN in the next 5-10 years.  The RN to BSN programs are a smart and easy way to go to accomplish this.  Most last between one and two years and work with your busy schedule.  Most programs are online to accommodate the working RN.

Second Degree Accelerated BSN: This is the program I completed!  This BSN program is meant for students who have already completed a prior Bachelor's degree in a non-nursing area.  You must also complete all prerequisite classes prior to applying to the nursing program.  These are generally "accelerated" meaning that there are just as many classes as the traditional BSN but they are completed in a more rigorous schedule.  Usually semesters have more classes and are back to back.  The program I completed at the University of Utah started in May 2009 and finished in August 2010. Pretty quick!