Using Bedpans & Urinals

Placing a Patient on a Bedpan

Anything to do with personal hygiene or using the bathroom may be a little uncomfortable at first. It's very different working with mannequins in the lab than it is working with patients who truly do have to go! This is a short tutorial showing how to correctly place a patient on the bedpan and record output after the patient is finished going to the bathroom. Remember to never leave patients on bedpans for a long period of time. This can cause severe skin breakdown. You are much better to place a patient on and off a bedpan a couple of times than leave them sitting on it for one long period of time.

How to place a bedpan under a patient and how to measure output.

Using A Urinal

Instructions on how to use a urinal are as simple as they seem. Direct the patient to place his penis in the urinal and start urinating. If they are steady enough they can stand at the edge of the bed. If their gait is somewhat unsteady or they are ordered bedrest then this can be accomplished by simply sitting the patient up in bed and allowing him to use the urinal. Urinals usually hold up to 1000 mL so unless the patient has been holding it a LONG time, you shouldn't have to worry about the urinal overflowing.