Unfortunately I think this cartoon couldn't be more true! It doesn't matter who you talk to about the NCLEX, it seems like everyone has the same old story. For me, I studied and studied before taking the NCLEX. There were a couple people who wanted me to call them after I finished and let them know how it went. Did I call them? Nope. Did I cry in my car after? Yep. I finished in 79 questions and I was almost completely positive that I had failed it. I had missed SO many questions that the test algorithm was sure I had failed in those 79 questions.  

I called the State Board of Nursing to see when my license would be posted if I had passed and they said on Tuesday night by 9:00 pm. I checked the website at 9:00 pm on the dot and there was no "Courtney Lenberg" on there! I, of course, freaked out and paid the additional fee to check the testing center pass/fail screen for the test. By the way, what kind of hoax is it that I had already paid a huge fee to take the test and then they charge me to see my grade?? Ridiculous. I opened up the page. I had passed! I ran into my living room crying sadly saying, "I passed!" My roommates and sister were very confused by this bizarre show of emotion.  Let me just tell you I was equally as confused! 

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AuthorCourtney Tracy