I feel like I am always on the lookout for a very comfortable and good fitting pair of scrubs.  So many of them have incredibly baggy shirts or not enough pockets for all my nursing supplies. Do you have issues with your scrubs being ill fitting just like me?  FIGS Scrubs gave me a free scrub top and scrub bottom and asked me to write about my experience with them.  

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I'm wearing my FIGS scrubs for the first time tonight at work and I have really enjoyed wearing them!  

Why do I like them? Here are a few of the reasons:

  • Material:  The FIGS website says that their scrubs are "antimicrobial, ridiculously soft and wrinkle resistant!" I can definitely vouch for the ridiculously soft portion of that description. They have a very cool and breathable feel to them.  As for being antimicrobial, I'm not quite sure how that works.  I do love the idea of having a few of the bugs on my scrubs killed off rather than taking them home with me though.
  • Pockets:  Holy cow.  This is one of my biggest complaints about certain brands of scrubs.  Where are the pockets?  The FIGS Kade scrub pants that I am wearing have the two regular pockets plus two cargo pockets (perfect for my NS syringes).  As for the tops, mine has two front pockets plus two baby pockets inside (for my alcohol swabs).  I love having these extra pockets to hold all of my nursing supplies in an organized way.    Some also have zippers on the pockets so your personal items don't go falling out.
  • Elastic on Bottom of Pants: Some of the scrub bottoms have adjustable elastic bands in the bottom so you can pull them tight to your legs for, you know, those lovely types of patient rooms.
  • Stylish: The FIGS Kade scrub pants come in a variety of colors, but the one I chose is a gray that almost looks more like dress pants.  It gives scrubs a more modern look.

Only down sides to the scrubs:

  • My cell phone keeps falling out of the pants pockets.  The material is pretty smooth feeling and my cell phone refuses to stay in the normal front pants pocket.  Luckily I've got a plethora of other pockets in my scrub top that I can toss it into.  Some of the scrubs have zippered pockets which I might consider getting when I purchase my next pair of FIGS scrubs.
  • I wish that the top was a little bit more form fitting. It just comes off looking a little bit baggy considering how I like my scrub tops to fit. I've got a pretty petite build though.  If I were to have gotten a smaller size then it probably would've ended up being on the short side.

Threads for Threads

One thing that I think is especially appealing to me about FIGS scrubs is some of the humanitarian work that they do in conjunction with scrubs purchases. Their "threads for threads" initiative donates a set of scrubs to healthcare providers around the world for each set of scrubs that is purchased.  They've donated over 92,000 sets of scrubs in 26 countries. That is truly awesome.

AuthorCourtney Tracy