Each type of nursing comes with different types of challenges. As an ICU nurse, we RARELY see patients discharged from the hospital. They are usually sent to a step down floor to a general floor and then home. We miss the last steps. What is rewarding about your nursing position?  This video talks about the shows the perks of being an RN in a children's hospital ER. There is a great amount of satisfaction that comes from being a pediatric nurse.

Does pediatric nursing intimidate you? I did my nursing school preceptorship in a pediatric ICU and had a wonderful learning experience. At Children's Hospital Los Angeles they train their pediatric RNs through an intense 22-week residency program. It prepares nurses to care for all types of pediatric patients and promotes an environment of learning and education. 

Struggling to figure out which type of nursing you want to practice? My first love was the ED, then pediatrics, and now adult critical care. What do you enjoy most? I think what I loved about nursing school was that I got to try a little bit of everything! 

AuthorCourtney Tracy