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I hope you enjoy the selection of all of my favorite nursing items! If the items are not loading correctly on your webpage, please disable your ad blocker or click on the link to the right to search Amazon for your scrubs, shoes, stethoscopes, and much more! 

Scrub Tops

Most of these tops come in multiple colors, so find the style you like and then look through the colors for whatever you color you need! I also recommend having a little pocket within your front pockets to keep your alcohol wipes. You'll find your preference on how you like your scrubs!

Scrub Bottoms

Same goes for scrub pants! There are a variety of colors in these so find your style and then find your color. Word of advice: always buy pants with a side pocket. This is where I stash my saline flushes. Having one pocket specifically for these makes them easy to find when you're in a bind!

Nursing Shoes 

Okay, are the MOST important part of your nursing attire. Most of us are working 12 hour shifts running around on our feet! I noticed during nursing school that a decent amount of people wore Dansko brand shoes (which I think are not cute!), but everyone said they were the best on your feet. I bought some when I graduated and they hurt my feet! Each pair is supposedly handmade and fits a little bit different. I exchanged them for an identical pair and have been running around on them for the past four years. Best purchase (and money spent) ever! Once again, there are lots of colors and styles!

Medical Equipment

My MDF stethoscope is the stethoscope that I have had the last few years and I love it! The less expensive Littmann below is a great option as your first stethoscope.  Here's all the equipment that many nurses have on them at any given time during their shift!

Review Material

Whether it's the HESI A2 exam, CNA certification, or the big bad NCLEX, here are some resources for you! I personally used the Kaplan NCLEX review to help me study for my RN. Good luck studying!

NCLEX Review (Test for Registered Nurse Licensure)

Certified Nurse's Assistant (CNA) Review

HESI A2 Review

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Review

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Review

Quick Guides

These guides are super useful when you are a new student or registered nurse on the floor. What was the cardiac med again? Let's take a look at my handy dandy pocket guide.