How to Perform Oral Care

How often do you like to have your teeth brushed?  Your mouth rinsed?  That is how often you should be cleaning out your patient's mouths as well. Patients deserve to have their teeth brushed both morning, night, and prn (as needed).

There are different situations in which patients should have their mouths cleaned more frequently.  In patients on mechanical ventilation, oral care should be performed every four hours to avoid ventilator-associated pneumonia development.  In actively dying patients, oral care should be performed more often as the patients cannot verbalize their discomfort.  Here is a brief video about how to perform oral care: 

Mouth care involves cleaning of the teeth, gums, tongue and mouth. The purpose of oral hygiene is to reduce bacteria in the mouth and remove food. When the pt mouth is clean it prevents tooth decay and bad breath. Some of your pt will require mouth care often and you should follow your facilites policy and procedures.