Collecting a Urine Sample

Supplies: Sterile specimen container, sterile swabs, sterile gloves, and bedpan for patients who are unable to use the toilet

Urine testing a very common diagnostic test performed in the hospital. Nearly every woman that enters the hospital will have a pregnancy test done. Other common reasons for urine screening are for ketones (seen with high blood sugars), drugs, or bacteria.

Make sure the perineal area is clean, clean, clean! Put on your sterile gloves and open the sterile swabs. For women, clean the perineum from front to back. For men, retract the foreskin (if needed) and clean the urethra and surrounding area on penis. For babies, clean the perineal area and place sample bag over the perineal area. These bags stay in place below the diaper and are checked frequently until the baby urinates. For all other ages, have the patient start urinating into the bedpan or toilet. Place the specimen container into the flowing stream of urine. This is considered a "clean catch" specimen. Seal the lid on the specimen and send to the lab. Be sure to label specimen container with the patient's sticker and your initials, date, and the time.

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