From New to ICU

From New to ICU was created to help nurses at all phases of their career.  Whether you are a student searching for a nursing school or a seasoned nurse wondering how to perform invasive monitoring on your patient, From New to ICU has all of the answers.  This is the ultimate guide for all nurses.  From New to ICU's blog "Nursing News" posts weekly about pathophysiology, lab values, current medical news, and more.  

About the Founder

My name is Courtney Tracy and graduated from Brigham Young University in Physiology and decided somewhere along the way that I wanted to do nursing. I looked and looked for information about nursing schools and it was hard to find without sifting through site after site. I ended up doing an accelerated BSN program at the University of Utah and focusing on critical care.  I currently work in a medical ICU and enjoy empowering nurses at all phases of their career.