Rivier University BSN


Basic Information: Rivier University is located in Nashua, New Hampshire.  This program is set up for students to get their RN license and associate's degree after their junior year.  After receiving their RN license, they automatically start the BSN completion in their fourth year of the program.

Must Dos: Students must apply to Rivier University and to the College of Nursing.

Program Length: The program is four years long.

Nursing Prerequisites: High school students are expected to have taken four years English, two years Social Sciences, three years Math, and three years Science classes.

Prior Classwork Information: No prior classwork information.

Application Information: The application information for Rivier University can be found here

Admission Tests: High school students must submit their SAT or ACT scores.  Transfer students over the age of 23 are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores but may be asked to take an alternative aptitude examination at the request of the Admissions Committee.

Tuition: Tuition information can be found here

Financial Aid/Scholarships: Financial aid information can be found here.  Scholarship information can be found here

Updated: May 2014.