A Job Section in From New to ICU? Awesome.

The nursing jobs board is now available at From New to ICU!  From New to ICU is focused around all elements of nursing education and skills.  With thousands of nurses visiting the website, it simply made sense to create an easy way to find the perfect nursing job:  From New to ICU Jobs. This job board is made specifically for nurses, no other medical professionals.  Let's make it easier for nurses to find exactly what they are searching for in their dream job.   

It can be difficult for new graduate nurses to find a job that will offer the training that they need for their first nursing position.  From New to ICU Jobs has the "new graduate RN" category built in to make searching for their first job easier than ever. Additional job categories include full-time positions, part-time positions, and PRN (as needed) positions.

From New to ICU was created in 2012 by an ICU nurse hoping to empower nurses in all parts of their career.  Thousands of nurses are currently visiting From New to ICU searching for information about improving their nursing skills, finding good nursing school programs, researching current nursing news, and more.  

AuthorCourtney Tracy